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Between our first and last sessions, in an 8 month-period, Chef Murcia safely lost 46 pounds. No medication needed. Just a diet, exercises and a serious program to keep her motivated. Come work with us and learn a new and less stressful way to get - and stay - in shape!

We also helped her reinvent her entire look: makeup, hair style, wardrobe and body language to increase her sex appeal. Click to read her testimonial


Losing weight is one of our most popular programs and definitely one that requires enormous determination. For those engaged in such a program - especially aiming for a loss of more than 20 pounds - every inch smaller and every pound lost are as meaningful as a week without drinking at AA. Eating can also be a form of addiction, a deeply rooted need to alleviate anxiety. This reinforces the importance of both the support and the reward systems offered in most anonymous groups. Chef Gislaine Murcia from New York beautifully illustrates the importance of being persistent in diets and exercises - with following the complete photography therapy self-esteem program.

Weight issues must be treated inside out, and that's how we do it at PictureCure. You will need multiple sessions for us to help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

The weight-loss program is included in our most complete package PROGRAM #3.

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If you have questions, please book a free consultation over the phone so we can understand your needs and tell you how we can help. No commitments.