Reinvent yourself with our workshops. 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. --Henry David Thoreau


The Whole picture PROGRAM

Inside-out Therapy to BE MORE PHOTOGENIC and improve your self-esteem using photography

  • One-on-one customized program + Photoshoot  with 20 or 30 edited pictures.
  • Achieve your goals for looks and for life by understanding how the world truly sees you.
  • Learn how to use your body and face to impress. You will look amazing in pictures and also carry yourself with more charm and confidence in personal and professional situations.


After you've received instruction on our technique and performed guided exercises in front of the camera, we create a "body map" that identifies your strengths and weaknesses (according to your own judgement).  Based on your map, we'll coach you on how to enhance your best features and improve/attenuate the ones you are not so happy about.

This is a journey of self discovery, so we take hundreds of pictures of you in different styles : casual, professional (LinkedIn), chic (black-tie/glamour), sensual, or others that fit your needs.

You'll receive your best 20 or 30* edited photos and also those hundreds of non-edited proofs* with your exercises, so you will always remember your evolution from your first to your last picture!

 Recommended for adults and teenagers, 16 and up  


PLATINUM PACKAGE: 10 hours, scheduled at your convenience (2 to 4 sessions) : instruction + personal map + multiple outfits + refreshments + 30 edited pictures  -  $ 590

GOLD PACKAGE: 7 hours ( 1 or 2 sessions) : instruction + personal map + 5 outfits + refreshments + 20 edited pictures - $ 490


* The number of edited photos depends on the purchased package (please see details above). The non-edited proofs that we make available have educational purpose only and come with the water mark "NOT EDITED".