Reinvent yourself with Photography Therapy



"go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."  Thoreau


The purpose of our work is not merely provide a professional photo shoot, but also a workshop on exploring the best of you. The Photography therapy will help you achieve goals related to your image and aspects of your personality that can be perceived through the way that you dress and move your body. The workshop includes two individual and customized meetings:

On the first day, after  having previously answered some questions about your expectations, you will define what kind of self image you would like to express. For example, you may have tons of beautiful headshots, but would like to learn how to express more confidence, sensuality and charisma for some specific need,  in your personal or professional life. Also, we would like to know what bothers you about yourself. Are are you satisfied with your weight and the general appearance of your body?  Any features that you would like to emphasize or disguise? Everything that's important to you will be included in the program.

Then we will start developing some "body language". Different exercises will help you improve your facial expressions and develop your moves in front of the camera. It's also very relaxing and fun and helps breaking the ice.  Once we identify  your strengths and weaknesses, we will do a first photo shoot. It's just a rehearsal, using the exercises you've learned, so we can experiment with your different facets for the real photo shoot.

On the same day, we will also find out which colors enhance your skin, eyes and hair, and which angles value your features, making you look young, confident, sexy or whatever you have defined as your goal. Continuing the photo shoot, we will discover which positions bring out the best of your bone structure and muscles. This way,  if you are above or below your ideal weight, we can try work with your body in ways that your face, arms and neck don't seem too full or too "mushy".

Sometimes simply improving your posture or lifting your chin makes a lot of difference. It's what we call "Natural Photoshop". We will figure out what works for you, and with the basic training concluded, we will schedule your real photo shoot.

On the second day we already  know what works for you, and what best expresses the image you desire for yourself.  We will then spend a couple of hours creating photos that reflect your goals. During the session, there will be breaks to show you each batch of photos, and offer you suggestions and techniques to improve your performance. We are normally done after 3 to 4 hours, but we do not charge extra for overtime.  In the rare event that we don't achieve our goals along these two-day workshop, an additional session may be scheduled at no cost. 

Product + Service: At the end of our workshop, you will receive a photo package that will translate not only the best of your image, but your personality as well. You can use them in your social media, CV, or any form of printing. But the most important is the "therapy" - the journey you will have been through. Realizing  that you have control over your looks will bring the inspiration you need to take care of your looks:  keep on your diet, exercise and  even commit to high maintenance treatments. 

It happened to me, and to many women I have been happily working with.

Photos are like a document that we sign. They last forever and whenever we look at them, we have to deal with the fact that we either look good or we don't. If you come work with us the pictures you will take home  will also have history. They will remind you of our chats, the goals you have stablished, your efforts to do that great job and your results.  So if you keep them around your desk or near the TV, even under stress,  I can assure you that you will think twice before neglecting yourself.  You will want those great looks to last, so you don't  just see them in the pictures, but also in the mirror. And if your picture reflect a "you" that still needs improvement, you won't want to let yourself down by not going on with your plan.   

Photography therapy does work. You cannot change other people, but if you put your mind to it, you will be surprised by how much you can change in yourself.

Go for it and become your best self!

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