We have a special program for individuals recovering from illness or accidents. Photography is not only about aesthetics. It can be a powerful tool of self-discovery and reinvention. That’s how PictureCure started. 

Angela is a housewife and very talented painter, who was sick for two years with a severe circulation and lymphatic condition on both her legs. She still has a very good complexion, but medication and treatments caused both physical and phsycological demage. This picture was taken a month after doctors proclaimed her cured. After having me documenting her physical and psychological progress along a few months of photography therapy, this final photoshoot is a "mark" of her victory. This picture was not edited to hide flaws.  She is about to start treatment to recover skin discoloration and teeth stains, but she has already lost 28 pounds and is starting to look great. Angela keeps her pictures around to motivate her to never fail her Pilates classes or her diet. Way to go, girl!

Debbie has ovarian cancer, her hair has just grown back after years of chemo and she came to us to mark this moment of her life by creating some beautiful memories to leave to her kids and grandkids. But she left our workshop with more than pictures;  a new attitude about her incurable disease, and a promise.  She would look at the beautiful woman in those photographs everyday, and never again say that she was a "sick woman" or a "dying woman”. She is Debbie, and she is so much more than a cancer patient!

This is program #3 Learn more here.