BEAUTY and confidence INSIDE OUT



A great photoshoot is not only about lights and production to make you look attractive.

The main purpose of a great photo session is to capture your personality and “presence" . A powerful self-image conveys confidence and inspires trust. The right picture can make all the difference when it comes to landing a new job, promotion, or date, or being accepted in a club or organization. We all need that power to boost our personal branding, no matter if we are thought leaders, CEOs, individuals reinventing themselves or recovering from a period of illness. The problem is, not all of us are extroverts or feel comfortable being photographed. So, we are at the photographer’s mercy to make it happen for us. When you receive our training, you will master the art of controlling your own image (in photos and in person) maximizing your chances of having a consistent, optimal image along your entire life. Shots are customized. We will direct you and if you like, help you select the best production. You can also choose from black and white or color, and the amount of retouch on your skin.

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most popular program!


Are you shy in front of a camera or hate most of your pictures? This program is for you!

Using digital presentation, exercises and a photo rehearsal in front of a professional camera, we will show you how to look great in every picture. When you're ready, we'll start your photoshoot.

You will leave with a diversified package for all occasions, showcasing your best self and knowledge to look amazing in all future pictures you will take.

This package includes professional shots for LinkedIn and others of your choice. Please visit our special headshot page.

An investment for life!  

Program includes:

3-hour photoshoot, with multiple outfits

90-minute workshop on how to become photogenic

Receive 5 edited digital photos of your choice. 

We will plan your production during a conversation over the phone before your session. This way we break the ice, understand your needs and make sure you get the right package.

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only HEADSHOTS (no coaching)  $350  

If you don't need coaching, but love our gallery and want to have a package with beautiful pictures for your social media, professional look and other personal needs, this is the package for you!

Our 2-hour photoshoot includes 2 outfits.

Receive 3 edited digital photos of your choice.