TESTIMONIALS from Professionals and beginners

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Laiz Casagrande, Miss Brazil New Jersey, 2015

"I had just been crowned  Miss Brazil USA NJ 2015, and I though PictureCure's workshop would help my career a lot.  It was a great pleasure to meet "The Incredible Liza" . "Incredible" because we spent a long amount of hours together and they went by so smoothly I haven't noticed!!! She's very talented, fun, a true sweetheart and very professional. I learned great tips that will help me forever, and I recommend PictureCure's workshop to all sorts of people, not only models, actors or beauty pageant candidates. After all, everyone takes selfies and wants to look great in them, right? "

Paul moon

Actor on TV series The Tick (2017) and Tainted Dreams (2016), and numerous independent films and off-Broadway shows. 

"I really enjoyed my experience with PictureCure. Liza Andrews taught me what faces make me look best in pictures. After some time practicing it, I feel like it's in muscle memory, now and I can pull them off whenever a camera is in front of me. I feel much more confident in having my picture taken and knowing exactly what I'll look like and how I'll want to look in the picture. Thanks, Liza! Every actor should take this workshop!"

TV series  The Tick , 2017.

TV series The Tick, 2017.



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Top contestant for Miss Philippines USA, 2017

"I love Liza!!! from the first time we spoke on the phone to book our photoshoot, I knew she was gonna be a good fit!! :) Her highly professional attention to detail was clear even before we actually met! She did her best to understand what I needed the shoot for and made herself available at short notice because I had a deadline to meet to submit my official headshots for Miss Philippines USA. She periodically checked in days prior to the shoot to make sure I was prepared with outfit changes and makeup and was just really positive which made me feel like I was about to have a photoshoot with a close friend! Meeting her was so much fun and shooting with her felt so natural and comfortable that it showed in the photos! Liza was very patient and made sure each shot showed my best angles and took the time to pose me every step of the way, and even fix my hair that just would not cooperate! :P Liza definitely has a unique way of making people feel good about themselves, AND capturing this through her photography- which is what made me choose Picturecure in the first place. I really believe in the value Picturecure aims to bring to people's lives- even beyond the camera and the photos. Liza's photos are are amazing, but her ability to see and bring out the best in people is priceless :)"


17 year-old student

"I'm normally not into wearing makeup and accessories, but during this workshop I couldn't stop saying this is so cool! at most of my pictures. This training made me wanna try a modeling career for a while. I'm heading to college next year. Until then, I'm getting a few jobs."






Carol Barbosa

15 year-old student

"I loved the experience! I have a portfolio for fashion and fine art photography and modeling has been my dream first job!"