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Some will say that life is hard, others are so optimistic they borderline unrealistic. Where do you stand? In our speaking engagements we meet people with different views and backgrounds, and we are all trying to get the most out of our brief passage in this world. To me, a good way of seeing a problem is like it is a stone in your way, but not a stone that stops your progress, one that will make you stronger after you've lifted it, or wiser after you've gone around it. After my own challenges, I now see life as a video game. The more you master it, the more you advance in it. Only in such game, no matter how skillful you become, you'll never sit at your winner’s throne and relax. Even when you hit the very top, some ogre will show up out of nowhere trying to kill you, or a talented opponent will challenge you for your place. This is an endless cycle, perhaps to save us from stagnation. That’s why so many gurus advise us to live in the present, and enjoy the journey with all its peaks and valleys, with no concerns about our final destination. Failure and success can equally bring us stress. The first makes us feel like losers, the second may force us to sacrifice our health, or choose between family and career. That said, winning should simply mean playing well everyday,  doing what we’re passionate about, and spending quality time with those we love. With this kind of life-style, we’ll be very likely to achieve our final goals, and even if we don’t, we’ll not have that sinking feeling that we've wasted our time. Because we won't have. We will make better plans for our unfulfilled goals, or create new ones. In the meantime, we will have achieved other important accomplishments. Despite some inevitable failures,  life will continue to make sense, and our hope and perseverance will remain intact. Our happy journey will continue through new, promising paths.