professional coaching using photographic techniques

At PictureCure, we believe in the power of presence and that even the most introverted individuals can develop new skills and better represent themselves in personal and professional relationships. Our mission is helping you put together such skills, so that you can create an amazing professional persona and communicate your own "brand".  If more people develop a powerful presence, there will be less isolated minorities and more inclusion in the workplace. 



How hard it is to gain a board's attention during a presentation? How many super smart individuals lose great opportunities because they cannot speak up in a meeting? If we have the right education and experience, why aren't we nailing all our professional goals? 

Presence. Possibly your boss is not only looking  for an intellectual talent, but a talent that can sell their business, represent their brand and be their face when dealing with clients.  What we call "presence" includes everything about the way you show up. It is, of course, your education and experience, but also how you communicate them through body and verbal language; and the way you dress and carry yourself during your delivery. It is not about being handsome, hanging out with influencers or having a perfect wardrobe. Presence is a package that anyone can obtain with the right training. 

Check our programs or contact us for a customized one. All programs include awesome corporate headshots to represent you in all your medias at your best.

We're looking forward to working with you!


This is not a media training. As a marketing and human resources consultant, PictureCure's founder Liza Andrew created a method of self-improvement, combining formal business and branding coaching as you know it, with photography and body language exercises. Our training doesn't focus just on aesthetics or good-looks, it is about self-knowledge - inside out. When we train you in front of a camera you have multiple advantages. One of the practical ones is giving us all the chance of analyzing you the way the world sees you, and together improve your weaknesses and boost your strengths. While photographing your practice, we will give you image consulting in colors and outfits that enhance your appearance, and work on your posture, gestures, tone of voice and other elements that will empower your presence during meetings, presentations and job interviews, making people notice you. On the psychological side, the fact that cameras tend to intimidate us, receiving your training and performing the exercises while you are on the spotlight, help create what we call "emotional callus". It means that as we progress, you will become less shy and more outspoken, regardless of your audience. You will have a clear memory of how you look, sound and move in public and by knowing that you are doing it all right, your confidence level will sky-rock. Ultimately, you'll also become more photogenic as we show you how to pose and use your body language to impress. You'll learn how to monitor your image at home, taking selfies; and by the time we finalize your training and are ready for the corporate headshot session, you will  be able to produce amazing pictures that will show not only great looks, but your personality. 

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