all OUR PROGRAMS include a unique photoshoot

(with or without coaching)

Delivered in English, Spanish or Portuguese 

Full-day or weekly sessions - Monday to Saturday 



This is a photoshoot session + workshops for presence empowerment and development of your personal brand. A must-do for individuals preparing for job interviews or a career transition, and professionals in leadership positions and thought leaders. We'll identify your skills and the areas that you need improvement on and create a customized program for you. This technique using cameras will work faster and more effectively to raise your confidence level. In every session, you'll be exposed to different challenges and new abilities will bloom. PictureCure’s work is inside out—the results are lifelong. 

Starting at $900


  • Image consulting for personal brand development.
  • 1 business workshop of your choice:  "Job interview preparation", "Bias-proof professional presence", "Developing your personal brand", or "Presentation techniques/ public speaking."
  • Workshop on How to Become Photogenic.
  • Photoshoot with 3 looks. (In a personal brand campaign, you should refresh your professional media with new  photos a few times a year. )
  • 3 edited pictures. 

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Companies: Please Contact us with your team needs/number of employees and we'll send you a quote. If you have questions, we would be glad to schedule a call. 

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This program is for individuals of all ages, for personal and/or professional purposes. Through instructions and exercises you will learn how to pose to value your body type and personal style. Create awesome headshots, delivering a gorgeous laughter, a confident professional expression, a sensuous face, whatever meets your needs. Courses are one-on-one and customized.

You will leave with a diversified package for all occasions, showcasing your best self and knowledge to look amazing in all future pictures you will take.

This package includes professional shots for LinkedIn and your company's website, and/or shots for social and artistic purposes: glamour, sensual, casual and more, for Facebook, Instagram, dating sites and special occasions. For more photos visit our special headshot page.

An investment for life!  

Program includes:

4-hour photoshoot, with multiple outfits

90-minute workshop on how to become photogenic

Receive 5 edited digital photos of your choice. 

We will plan your production during a conversation over the phone before your session. This way we break the ice, understand your needs and make sure you get the right package. Bring outfits or upon availability, use some from our wardrobe. We offer accessories (headpieces, jewelry, hats, faux fur, leather, ties, and more) at no additional cost. 


JUST HEADSHOTS - without training $350  (for details click the buy button)              



PictureCure believes that everyone deserves to feel great about themselves and that "personal brand" starts with the individual. Our identity is highly influenced by our looks and that's why every training we perform is inside out, taking into consideration who we are in all our social and professional roles. We started helping cancer survivors make peace with their bodies and reinvent themselves after chemotherapy, and that's a work that we still do pro bono. If you know anyone who needs help, please send them to us. During a period of illness, our founder Liza Andrews discovered photography as a tool of self-empowerment and created our core method. After successfully using it on herself, she started helping cancer survivors accept their physical changes and discover new possibilities by encouraging photoshoots where patients would map what they liked and disliked about their looks. The process inspired them to create a vision of their new selves, and then Liza assisted them achieving those goals and acquire new abilities by working on: personal style, posture, body language and communication skills. Later on, she also inserted the camera as a powerful improvement tool in her business coaching programs.