The Picture Cure: You Beyond the Mirror


Do you ever look in the mirror, hoping to summon unseen powers behind the glass to improve the way you feel? Most people do, whether after turning a certain age, recovering from illness, noticing a pesky dark spot or just having a bad morning. We know that mirrors are merely rays of light, reflections of how we already see ourselves physically and psychologically. As such, if you want a real boost to your self-esteem, expel the mirror and embrace the camera, advises Liza Andrews, founder of PictureCure, a New York City-based agency that offers innovative programs using photography and personal coaching. Now, she shares her experience and proven techniques in her book, The Picture Cure, which uniquely combines personal before-and-after stories with a step-by-step program that readers can follow on their own to enjoy the same benefits of Liza’s photography therapy. 

Need a cure? It may just be in the right picture.