Upon clients' requests, this was one of the first reinvention programs at PictureCure and it soon became very popular. Some men and women were going back to dating because they were recently divorced; others were widowed, several had spent a long time just raising children and another handful were solely focusing on work. Regardless of their reasons, they invariably presented high anxiety about a new romantic relationship. This feeling could be triggered from physical insecurities, to low self-esteem and lack of conversational skills. 

The purpose of the “back to dating” program is making you feel calm, attractive and confident enough to start anew. We start by evaluating all your physical attributes and personality skills that can increase your self-appeal. It is a one-on-one program, customized to your needs and goals. Since everyone is in their own stage of evolution on this matter, the amount of personal coaching hours will vary according to what you need. I will use multiple techniques, starting with the photo analysis of your face and body. From there, I will teach you a series of exercises that will both help you look better in photos and have a gorgeous dating profile while navigating the dating scenes. If you wish, we can even help create your online profile and market-test your photos. The right hair, accessories, wardrobe and body language will further assist you in finding interesting prospects. We discuss and work on your physical issues and emotional blocks and facilitate the path for you to achieve your goals.